Vodka Martini Recipe

Vodka Martini Recipe

Vodka martini recipe — it is delicios beverage, that will not let anybody indifferent at your party!:

Necessary ingredients for Vodka Martini Recipe:

  • Vodka 75 ml
  • Dry vermouth 15 ml
  • Olives 9 g
  • Ice cubes 300 g

Necessary things for Vodka Martini Recipe:

  • 1 cocktail glass
  • 1 Glass for mixing
  • 1 Cocktail spoon
  • 1 Streyner
  • 1 jigger
  • 1 Cocktail skewer

Directions for Vodka Martini Recipe

  1. Pour into a mixing glass dry vermouth 15 ml and vodka 75 ml.
  2. Fill glass with ice cubes and gently stir with the cocktail spoon.
  3. Fracture through a strainer into a chilled cocktail glass.
  4. Decorate with three olives on a skewer.
  5. Your martini recipe vodka is ready!

The first variety of martinis had an amber color and was named Rosso. This drink with bright saturated flavored still used both in pure form and used as the basis for a variety of different drinks, for example, martini recipe of Americano or Negroni.

It is Accepted to drink the undiluted martinis as an aperitif with olives on a skewer or berries. By mixing a martini goes well with fruit juices and white martinis you can drink with soda, tonic or stronger — with vodka and gin.

At the time, the king of Italy has authorized the use of the royal coat of arms on the label martini! It is not known whether the monarch enjoyed cocktails with Martini, but today a glass of this drink will make you king of any secular party!

Cocktails with martini should be served in a special glass under the simple title «Martinka.» This glass on a high thin leg is shaped like an umbrella turned inside out.

Martini — it is a special brand of vermouth recipe that was developed in the mid of 19th century by the Italian Luigi Rossi. With the active support of sales agent Alessandro Martini new drink quickly subdued countrymen and began a triumphant march through Europe. And best friend will help you come up new cocktails martini at home!

Vodka Martini Recipe


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