Martini recipes

To turn from ordinary housewife to the organizer of secular parties you need to know martini cocktail recipes that can be prepared at home. Not necessarily to be a professional bartender! Buying the necessary ingredients, you can quickly create great drinks at the kitchen. Presenting your attention the ten best cocktail recipes based on the vermouth.


Martini Recipes – Top 10


  1. Queen of the night 

    This legendary drink is popular throughout the world for several decades.


    • Martini «Dry» (dry) — 10 ml
    • Vodka — 40 ml
    • Lemon juice — 5 ml
    • Olives — 1-2 pieces
    • Ice — 100 grams

    Directions: Fill a shaker with ice, add vodka and shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Add a martini, stir again and pour the resulting drink into a glass through a pre-chintz . At the final stage add a few drops of lemon juice and garnish your drink with a cocktail olives.


  2. Martini 50/50


    • Gin — 40 ml
    • A dry martini — 40 ml
    • Ice — 50 grams.

    Directions: mix gin and martini in equal proportions in a glass with ice. For decoration you can put olive.

  3. Negroni

    The recipe was created by Italian Count Camillo Negroni. This is one of the most exquisite cocktails in the world.


    • martini Rosso — 30 ml
    • Gin — 30 ml
    • Campari (Italian bitter fortress 28 degrees) — 15 ml
    • Ice — 160 grams

    Directions: Fill a glass with ice, then pour a gin, vermouth and «Campari» in the sequence. Slowly stir the drink with a spoon. Decorate cocktail «Negroni» with orange slices.

  4. Martini and sprite

    The sweet taste of vermouth can be supplemented with a tart taste of lemon soda.


    • Martini Rose — 60 ml
    • Sprite — 30 ml


    Directions: Mix 2 parts Rose Martini and 1 part of cold Sprite. As a suitable decoration you can use slice of lemon or cucumber.

  5. Ladies’ delight

    Sweet glamorous cocktail for a bachelorette party.


    • strawberry syrup — 30 ml
    • Martini Rosso — 100 ml
    • Champagne — 150 ml
    • Ice cubes — 100 grams

    Directions: add red martini to a glass filled with ice, then champagne and syrup. Do not mix a cocktail! It is decorated with a mint leaf.

  6. Martini with brandy and tonic

    An interesting combination of vermouth with cognac or brandy.


    • Martini Bianco (white) — 30 ml
    • brandy (grape brandy) — 15 ml
    • Tonic — 60 ml.

    Directions: Mix well-chilled martini, cognac and tonic in a glass. Olive will help you to give a beautiful appearance to your drink!

  7. Martini with juice

    You can dilute a martini  with a mineral water or juices. In the second case you can receive the  whole group of delicious cocktails. Ideal sour fresh juices: orange, pineapple, lemon, cherry, etc.


    • Martini — 100 ml;
    • Juice — 100 ml;
    • Ice — 50 grams.

    Directions: mix a martini with the selected juice and add a few cubes of ice. The proportions of the ingredients can be changed by your discretion.

  8. Americano

    It is difficult to find a recipe for American alcoholic cocktail, which included no soda.


    • Campari — 25 ml;
    • Martini «Rosso» — 50 ml;
    • Soda — 100 ml;
    • Ice — 150 grams.

    Directions: Mix Martini Rosso and Campari in a shaker. Pour the mixture into a glass with ice through a strainer, add soda and stir with a spoon.


  9. Bianco Sunrise

    It is accepted to meet the dawn with this cocktail.


    • Martini «Bianco» — 50 ml
    • Cranberry juice — 75 ml
    • Orange juice — 75 ml
    • Ice — 150 grams

    After mixing of all the ingredients at the bottom of the glass appears red sun, and on top — the dawn.


  10. Martini with absinthe


This strong cocktail will decorate the table of any secular party.


  • Absinthe — 30 ml
  • A dry martini — 30 ml
  • Vodka (gin) — 30ml
  • Mint liqueur — 5 ml


Directions: Mix chilled martinis, absinthe and vodka in a tall glass in equal parts. Add a few drops of peppermint liqueur.


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